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Have you ever considered leaving your routine/job to start something on your own? Being Atmanirbhar? Working in a private company may provide for monthly bills, but the job may never be guaranteed. It is important to have a regular stream of secondary income. You may argue, it takes time, patience and you are already too busy for that! Well, if you start today, you are going to make it sooner than starting tomorrow – Never wait on your aspirations!

In this era, especially given the social distancing norms, online work from home or home-based work is being advocated extensively by everyone as a new way of life. Furthermore, the opportunities for earning from home are aplenty, in fact much more in the present coronavirus and the later post-covid19 era.  The covid19 Pandemic has made us explore our hidden talents. Being stuck to the confines of home, we have been creatively spending our time and even enjoying them, sharing our creativity with family, friends, and the world through social media.

Why not start working from home on that secondary income, alongside your regular routine, with small or no investment? The time is right to build it, nurture it, learn the skills you should have learned already and create a platform that will soon make money for you – Your own business, Your own rules at Your own time – right from Your home.